Directions For Use

Shake bottle well before using dropper

Mouth with dropper

Use the dropper to put 0.4ml of CelWel under your tongue.

Try NOT to swallow for 15 seconds.

Do NOT eat or drink for the next five minutes to maximize absorption.

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Take 0.4ml every 30 minutes for the first two hours.

Repeat every hour until bed.

DAYS 2 and 3

Take 0.4ml when you wake up.

Repeat every three hours until bed.

DAYS 4 through 28

Take 0.4ml four times per day.

Take CelWel for a total of four weeks, or until you finish four bottles.

Pro Tips

Tip #1 — Use a timer to stay on schedule, especially the first day.

Tip #2 — Do NOT take more than 0.4ml at a time. The effectiveness of CelWel is due to the small amount of each dose.

Tip #3 — Don't worry if you miss a dose or doses. Just get back to taking CelWel regularly.

Tip #4 — It is perfectly safe to take CelWel more doses than directed.

For example, you could repeat DAY 1 until you finish four bottles, or take 8 to 10 doses every day for as long as you want until you feel better.

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