CelWel Research Study


The goal of the study is to assess the effectiveness and safety of using CelWel to treat chronic Lyme and associated diseases such as long Covid and chronic fatigue.


Patients are recruited by medical practitioners to take CelWel for two weeks. CelWel  will be provided at no cost to patients or practitioners.


Each patient self-reports their symptoms with before and after surveys. Upon completion of both surveys, the patient will receive a $5.00 Amazon gift card.



  1. Practitioner recruits patients that are suffering from Lyme disease.
  2. Each patient receives TWO boxes of CelWel and Trifold Directions.
  3. Send email to each patient that provides a link to a self-reporting Health Symptoms Survey
  4. After completing 4 bottles (2 boxes) of treatment over the course of two weeks, the patient completes the survey again after receiving a reminder email from First Person Solutions.

  5. Patient receives a $5 Amazon gift card after completing both surveys.
  6. Results are shared with the Practitioner's Office.


Each patient's results are shared with their practitioner. Periodically, anonymous results from all patients will be be shared with all practitioners.



The study is not double-blind with placebos.


Patients self-report their symptoms.


Data may combine the results from multiple underlying conditions.



Conclusions and final results for all patients will be presented here after the study is completed.